Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This was just a random thought last weekend. I do not know if this was already published by other bloggers and/or writers but the heck, this is my blog, I can write whatever I want.

I woke up in the middle of the dawn. Hungry. Since my place is not the usual urban place where you can still get whatever you want at 3 o'clock in the morning, I have to get up (and walk) to look (and find) for an open convenient store. Luckily, I was able to find a 24-hour Burger Stand (Thank God!). While waiting for my order to be ready (and my pets in my tummy were waiting as well),  I saw a huge group of people like us. 15-20 persons, I estimated. A group consisted of screaming queer (to the highest) down to the closeted and/or discreet ones. Since they are a big group, of course, it catched the attention of those people who were still awake during that time.

I do not mind this type of group. I for one was part of (gay) group when I was still in the metamorphosis stage. Its fun to be surrounded with people that has the same feelings and ideas as yours. However, what caught my attention was their conversation. Yes, I was eve's dropping. I didn't mean to do it though. Anyway, they were talking about another group. I assumed that its a same group as theirs. They were talking about how ugly is this person, how did this person "did" this guy, and such... I can still remember how they make fun of the other group.

At the back of my mind, why is this happening? Are we not supposed to be one? I mean, verity wise, we are still struggling to be accepted by the society. Yes, most of the people are already open-minded with "our culture" however we can still not erased the fact that they are still somehow in "judgmental" stage when it comes to us.

I thought of the aura in gay clubs. Same scenario, judging each other. Staring each other from head to foot. I am not saying that every gay guys is doing this but I am sure that we have did this at some point in our gay life. Telling ourselves and/or friends that: "Why is this gay here?", "He doesn't belong here?", "C'mon, so paminta!", "Ganda nga ng katawan, sana katawan na lang siya!", and etc.

Bakit kailangan nating magpataasan ng ihi? I am not trying to be dramatic or whatever but can't we just be one? Hindi ba pwedeng tayu-tayo ang nagtatanggol sa isa't isa? Bakit kailangang tayu-tayo naglalaitan? Was it supposed to be like that?

These are some of the questions that still puzzling me. How about you? Are you thinking the same?

Till then... Angel will spread the pink wings and fly with poise...

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